Sunday, October 13, 2013

America continues to stumble towards default on paying bills and foreign debts and all the while the politicos are pointing their fingers everywhere else but at themselves. It seems to many world observers that (to misquote Spock from Star Trek) the needs of the FEW outweigh the needs of the MANY. And reports are emerging that the main force behind this drive seems to be 2 uber rich brothers that are so opposed to Mr. Obama and the changes to the Health Care system - passed legally by the same government by the way - that are funding certain members of the government, specifically the Radical Tea Party folks, to wreak havoc on the average American. Is this what the Great American Dream in Government “of the people, for the people” has come to?
Many people reading this blog probably are too young to remember the hard fought optimism that was ignited in America (and a large part of the world as well) with the successful conclusion to World War 2. There seemed to be a common goal and dream for mankind both globally and locally. The United Nations was born amid hopes of a world soon to be rid of war. Grand projects bent on improving the life of the everyday man were launched and completed - on time and on budget! No one ridiculed the American President who launched the highway - Interstate 1 to link all of America. No one flooded the airwaves with bile and scorn when a President proclaimed that America was to go to the moon and back - did they? It seems like America (heck, all of the world to be honest) has turned on itself and lashes out wildly at anyone or thing that is not ‘normal”. Health Care for the people - no way and to punish others, well, just lay off tens of thousands of government workers. And then gleefully watch as hatemongers deride the same laid off workers. What is wrong with these people anyway?
Mother Teresa would weep.
A report this week indicates that America will soon overtake Russia as the world’s largest oil producer and that China is now the largest consumer of the same product. Now for those that do not think that the Chinese are really, really smart, think about this fact. A large portion of the American debt is owed to the Chinese and the higher the oil price, the more money flows back to China from America which in turn subsidizes Chinese consumption. All the while the American consumer faces higher and higher gas prices amid a sea of plenty and sinks lower and lower into debt.
As my father used to say, wars are not always fought with guns are they?
This year the Nobel Peace prize went to the group in charge of dismantling chemical weapons in Syria with the runner up being the young girl - Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan - who was shot by those thugs from the so called religion based Taliban. For once in recent years, the committee  had 2 great nominees and both are equally deserving of the award. These 2 nominees were judged on actions and results and not words as some previous winners were.
Action taken is better than action spoken….
Another boat filled with refugees capsized off the Italian coast with a number of people perishing in the cold waters. Can you imagine how wretched the lives of people must be in order for them to do something so drastic? To pick up and flee your country, pay a small fortune to some less than savoury character to cross some strange body of danger filled water in what is usually a decrepit vessel and face an unknown future? Perhaps a life in a tent city?
And people whine about an increase in their water bill or a 5 minute wait in line somewhere?
Embarrassing isn’t it?
One of probably the last living German war criminals, Erich Priebke died this week (at the age of 100) in house custody in Germany. He had fled Germany in 1946 to live decades long in Argentina until his location was disclosed in a TV program resulting in his extradition from that country. Now, Argentina has refused to accept his remains for burial as the government wants to be on record for opposing actions of the type done by this “person”. A welcome change indeed from the attitude that was prevalent in that great country after the Second World War where deep affection for all things German blinded many to the horrible atrocities that the Nazi regime inflicted on the world. Interestingly, a memorial service will be held for Mr. Priebke in Italy this week - the country where he committed his war crimes in.
On another topic, Paris has won the right to hold the 2018 World Gay Games. It is kind of sad that there even has to be a World Gay Games at all. Can we not get to the state where people regardless of race, colour, sexuality can compete in world competitions?
Hello Mr. Putin….
Stories are just emerging this weekend of the typhoon Phailin striking eastern India and the prospect of massive death and destruction is real, time will soon tell on this score. Of course, since it is India and not say, Europe, not too much international aid will happen - right?
OK- back on my Island, remember how I mentioned that when you plan enviro thingys, make sure to plan to the end of the process? Specifically in the case of our capital city in the case of their grand plan to recycle kitchen scraps and no business wanted to do so? And the one that finally signed on was ordered to stop because of the odour from the scrap fields? Well……. it sees that this week the city got the courts to order the plant to stop all composting and dig up the rest of the un-done compost scraps and truck them to the local landfill in order to eliminate the odour problem. Cool…. until someone pointed out that to do so will break yet another city law forbidding removing compost scraps from agricultural land!
Honestly, will this circus never end?
We went to the town of Coombs this week again for a nice day in the country and to see the fall colours in the woods as well as have a great yeomans’ lunch at the local market. With the end of tourist season, the hustle and bustle is greatly diminished and the bucolic life returns and is enjoyable. And of course the fabled “goats on the roof” of the market were out and about much to the pleasure of those watching.

In a side note, I was astounded to be a witness to the following event at our abode. I had heard some squawking outside and after glancing out the front window, saw an EAGLE perched in the trees across the street! Now this may not be a big thing for many people but for a flatlander more accustomed to seeing crows, this was spectacular. Sadly in my rush to get a good photo, the following was the best that my shaky hands could do-sorry!

Anyway, have a great (Canadian that is) Thanksgiving!
take care out there,

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