Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday musings

This is an abbreviated post today. We are in Vancouver heading out to the Island ferry in a short while. I will post later today a full column after we have arrived and settled in to our temporary accommodations. See you in a while!
AGGHHHH..... I attempted to update the blog and hit the delete rather than save key!
And yes, I do know better.
Anyway here is a brief recap of this week and it deals solely with the trip we have made from Regina to Nanaimo.
Wednesday off to Calgary on an 8 hour drive. We spent that night and the next day there. We had the sad duty to attend the funeral of our good friend that I have mentioned before who was getting progressively sicker and sicker since the beginning of this year. I have had a number of friends pass away these past few months and each passing rips another incurable hole in my soul when it happens.
 The above shot is approaching the so called foothills past Calgary which we went through Friday morning on the way to the higher up mountains on the way to Kelowna. We arrived there mid afternoon and had a wonderful pub style lunch (with tonic water for me!) at an outdoor cafe. Then we spent some time walking the lakefront boardwalk and looking at the sites downtown.
Then Saturday off to Vancouver and spend an afternoon looking and buying a pair of sandals my better half saw on line and just had to have! Had a wonderful evening and meal with a dear friend of ours and then Sunday morning time to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island.
Most people take the REALLY large ferry over but we got a heck of a deal on this mini 2 car ferry!
Now we are resting before meeting with the lawyers tomorrow to sign off on the new house and take possession.
Sorry for such a short and me oriented blog this week, but this is my complete world right now. Next Sunday, I will update you further as to our travails and adventure!
take care out there,

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