Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday musings - July 8, 2012

For the first time in decades, a free and open election has been held in Libya. Whatever the results and they are probably headed towards Islamic parties rather than those with so called “western” ideas of democracy, this is a good thing. Many reporters are bemoaning the fact that the majority of elections in the Middle East are resulting in governments that reflect a religious background. Well, what the heck did they expect? After all this is a region rich in history of Islam and its teachings and followers. To expect a democratic government resembling those in North America or Europe is foolish. You might as well expect the Americans to elect a President who espouses religious rights over other rights, hmm some might say that could be the Republican Party, but I digress. What is important is how these new governments act on the world stage.
Iran has threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz if embargoes and sanctions are not immediately lifted by the international community. That is what is termed “whistling in the wind”, all talk but really, no action. If they close the Straits, then all the oil they ship to customers stops and that will hurt the country and its people worse than any minor impact on the world at large. Indeed, a poll commissioned by the Iranian government – later denounced as a ploy of the evil Western powers (cannot figure that logic out) – found that the majority of Iranian people wanted the country to end its nuclear program immediately. Little embarrassing for the radical hard liners to say the least.
And in Greece, the head of the socialist party (ah here we go again with the socialists!) has issued a demand for the agreed to reforms to be phased in over three years rather than the original one year. I have yet to hear of any politician in Greece standing up and saying that it is about time to enforce tax collection in that country. Many pundits believe that an overwhelmingly number of Greeks simply refuse to pay taxes, indeed some consider it a national sport. One can see why the hard working tax paying German people are a little angry at continually bailing out the Greeks who seem not to care about debt – after all the rest of Europe always gives them more money – right?
In Spain, the annual running of the bulls in Panpolna happened this week. Strange event but then again is it any stranger than the annual Calgary Stampede held in Canada?
In England, security forces are making arrests daily of possible “terrorists” who are believed to be targeting the upcoming Olympic games for death and destruction. Maybe, just maybe, the world should just end the Olympics. After all, what good comes of it? Indeed one of the wonderful sports highlighted by the Games is woman's beach volleyball. Then there is spectacle of professional Americans playing in the “amateur” basketball games. Interesting how this and ice hockey in the Winter Olympics can have professionals from North America in it – all to drive viewership and ratings in the United States which then pours money into the coffers of the IOC – truly a reflections of the purpose of the Games – ah, who am I kidding anyway?
Money talks, end of story.
In the science world, confirmation came this week about the existence of the so called God particle – or the Higgs Boson particle. Supposedly the original building block particle that made life possible on this planet. Well, forgive me if I do not jump up and down for joy at this bit of news. Does this change the world we know at all or for the better? Not really. I would rather hear that the unemployment rate in the States had dropped by 4 per centage points and house prices were up and the economy was red hot again – that would be GREAT news indeed! As the American economy goes, so does the world economy go.
A report in many American news columns this week breathlessly stated that the economic center of the planet was shifting from the States to China. Once again, another case of the reporting agencies making up an agenda and driving it forward with probably no basis in fact to support their claims.
Speaking of organic and free range products, how come when there are less additives in products – you get charged more? Someone somewhere is a genius for marketing the benefits of organic and conditioning people to gladly pay more for that. Some would say all things are organic anyway, with some having a little less in its composition than others.
Speaking of America, a TV legend passed on this week. Andy Griffith left us a little sadder with his death. If you are old enough to have seen a show called (of course) The Andy Griffith Show which cast him as a small town Sheriff (the town was named Mayberry) in rural America circa the late mid fifties. He portrayed a kind hearted folksy single father (son was called Opy- in real life the later to be famous Ron Howard of Happy Days fame and directing career) who always managed to find good in all possible situations in life. Sure the show was idealistic, but yet it just seemed to feel right - and there was and is nothing wrong with that. 
It was a good show.
Shot another round of golf this week. Probably the best game score I have had in over 10 years. Just wish I could remember what the heck I did so I can do it again. But it does not matter, all I can say is that I am enjoying these last few games here in the flatlands before we move and treasure every moment and every glimpse of scenery that I get.
Speaking of the move, boy the time is speeding by now. In a couple of weeks we go out to the Island to sign papers and get keys to the new house. Then we fly back to sign papers to sell our present house in mid August and then do the last little bit of packing and then hit the road west for the last time.
Where is the summer going to?
Our dear friend in Calgary is slowly getting worse. I do not know what else to honestly say. Nothing prepares you for this. And every time it happens to someone you know, the hurt gets worse. When you are young, life is forever but as you age, you realize just how short and fleeting it is. The lesson from this is simple. Enjoy each moment as if it were your last, treat people with respect and dignity for you may never get the chance to say you are sorry if you wait too long to apologize for an ill timed action.
Go for a walk or sit on a park bench and enjoy life.
You just might be surprised at how you feel.
Take care out there,

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