Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday musings

Not too sure how your weather forecasters rate in your part of the world, but ours here in the Prairies were spot on this week. They said the first two days would be hot and sunny with little wind, then the next two cloudy,cool and windy and the balance of the week rainy, and chilly, and that it was.
I am sooooooo tired of the high winds we have had this Spring and after spending February in Buenos Aires where a high wind was 10 kph, well, enough is surely enough isn't it?
I read where the ex dictator of Liberia, Charles Taylor has been found guilty of war crimes this week. A fair judgement in this case, one wonders as to the sentence that will be passed in a couple of weeks. Apparently he will serve the time in England, wonder what the victims think of that?
If you want to read some really interesting history, check out the story of the founding of the modern state of Liberia, with all its drama and hopes - fascinating reading indeed.
In a twist of fate, cases of the mad cow disease have been discovered in the United States. Officials say there is no cause for international concern or sanctions against importation of their beef products. Hmmm, this sure is different talk from the Americans compared to their drastic reaction to the same situation that occurred in Canada years ago. In fact their knee jerk reaction closed the border for years to Canadian beef imports and destroyed the livelihood of many Canadian ranchers with no compensation whatsoever.
Sometimes the greatest nation is the world is also the most selfish and cruel. It seems that it is always what is best for America and to heck with the rest of the world and the international trade agreements, no matter whatsoever.
Here in Canada, in Quebec, students are past the 10 week mark in their “strike” against the government wanting to increase tuition over 5 years to remain the lowest priced education in the country. The government wilted and said the spread in period would be now 7 years. Again this was rejected as an insult by the students.
What world do they live in? They sip their lattes, use their Iphones and complain how they are in the grips of a “Quebec Spring”. As if to say that this compares to the cruelty and hardship and atrocities against humanity that happened in uprisings in the Middle East.
Spoiled, pampered ignorant arseholes.
Wait until they have to apply for a job with their bullshit degrees and have to pay taxes – watch how fast they become really, really conservative!!!
Speaking of the American CIA, this whole episode with the call girls and the oh so scary possible horrible consequences on national security nonsense, does anyone really care except Republican opponents of President, the Fox TV network and Rush Limbaugh?
I doubt it.
The North Koreans had a massive military parade the other day and trundled out a supposedly new super missile that should be able to strike North America. Sadly the missiles were lumpy in construction and experts agree that they were poorly made mock ups and not the real thing.
Must be for domestic consumption one must assume.
Did you know that it was 20 years ago that the video of Los Angeles policemen beating a black man, Rodney King was aired and the riots that followed happened?
Has much changed since then?
Levon Helm, member of the super group called The Band, died this week. Listen to his singing “the night they drove old Dixie down” or “the weight” and you will realize the sad passing of another great voice and talent of my generation.
Germany is going to republish copies of Adolph Hitlers manifesto book, Mein Kampf soon. People might protest but this version will be annotated to point out the ravings of the mad man because it appears that copyright laws will expire soon on the book and the government is concerned that fanatical elements will reprint the book and distribute it as a tool of propaganda. A form of preemptive strike.
One hopes this succeeds. The last thing the world needs is renewed followers of the mad man.
The summer Olympics are being held in London this year. Not sure what you think, but really, what a tremendous waste of money to host events where people throw sticks - javelins - or stones - shot put - or run like buggers against each other. Like this is something we should celebrate? How about spending the money on cancer research or some other real cause? Nope, too many selfish interests - hello IOC and TV networks- are involved.
Now to the mundane.
You think you have a clean, neat and uncluttered residence, and then when you start to clear out old unused, unwanted items – some could qualify as trash – you realize that you are a bloody pack rat!
I have been cleaning all week as part of the long process of down sizing the place prior to our move west later this year.
Hmmm, maybe I should have started 2 years ago!
And it is truly humbling to realize how worthless certain items you put up for sale are to the rest of the world.
Jeez Louise, don't people value them as much as you?
And do they know what they cost 10 years ago?
Maybe one should just load up a utility trailer and haul everything out to the landfill – better not say that in front of my better half – she might look at me and think the same thing!
Anyway, have a great week,
take care out there,

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