Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday musings

So here in Canada someone who some people call an Eco - terrorist has resigned from the foundation that bears his name – David Suzuki. In what he perceives as attempts by the Federal government to restrict or deny free funding to this organization in response to its continuing virulent criticism of all levels of government in terms of environment management.
At one time what he spoke of had value but as time went by and money flowed into the coffers of the foundation, many have rightly questioned many of the reports and actions that were issued. It is so easy to mock those that live for example in the prairies with no access to mass transit and hydro power for their reliance of fossil fuels. Maybe he and his supporters should realize the positive economic impact that the West supplies to the rest of Canada from its natural resources. Or at least the next time he comes to a city to spout off, that he shut his massive polluting tour bus off instead of letting it run around the clock!
North Korea ignored the advice of the rest of the world ( is this a surprise to anyone?) and launched a rocket this week to insert a satellite into orbit. The flight lasted under a minute and then exploded. Hmmm. So for this the result is that food aid (bribes actually) promised by the Americans (when will they learn that this does not work and the North considers this a sign of weakness?) is now stopped. Sadly only the people will suffer from lack of food, not the leaders and the military that keeps them in power.
Rick Santorum has dropped out from the race to become the nominee for the Republican party in the upcoming American Presidential elections later this year. Not having less than half the delegates as Mitt Romney did not seem to matter to him. And Mr. Romney continues to change his opinion apparently on what type of audience he is talking to. The other day he was addressing the National Rifle Association and embraced the concept of allowing Americans to have seemingly as many and as deadly as possible weaponry as they wanted. Previously he was opposed to this. Who knows where he will be position wise on Tuesday?
A photography student at a Canadian university issued a poster of a shot of a woman in what seems to be Muslim like cover up garb holding a bra. So here in the land of freedom and democracy, a university worker tore the poster down because he/she did not like it. A government official from Saudi Arabia issues veiled threats and requests for censorship of the students work. Makes you wonder where the outcry against this intrusion of another set of morals and values from without Canada into Canadian society is. Many people are starting to say that people and the media in this country bend over backwards to accommodate and apologize for and accept any excesses done by people claiming to be Muslims.
In fact people are starting to say – what about the values that have made this country what it is?
Are they to be discarded?
What about respecting our rights?
The turmoil that is starting to grip Europe is not too far away from here.
Are you as sick of the endless crap being broadcast about the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic?
I really am starting to question to integrity and value system of the news media in the West these days.
In fact this complete 24/7 news cycle endlessly repeating ad naseum the same stories and slanted personal viewpoints disguised as impartial reporting is of concern. Look at the hysteria generated in the killing of the black youth in Florida. First off the black spokespeople spoke harshly about the actions of the white man and how he murdered and got away with his actions. This ignores that the man is Hispanic and that due process of law should and must be followed. At the end of this week the Hispanic man was indeed charged in the death. One wonders if he will ever get a fair trial or as is being noted – is already a dead man walking?
I see where the political big wigs are meeting in Cartagena, Columbia to discuss improved trade and export/import opportunities. Hugo Chavez could not make it – another sign of the effect of the cancer he is fighting with. In one of those wacky asides, it appears some American Secret Service agents have been sent back to the States from their duty there because they apparently spent an evening with some hookers and did not pay them for services provided – lot of joke material there I think!
In elections in Egypt, officials tossed 10 candidates, one being a former top security chief and 2 being extreme Islamic fundamentalists. That will probably cause problems, time will tell.
Another icon from the past has died this week.
Raymond Aubrac, one of the last major figures of the French Resistance, who got away from the Nazis' grasp in a legendary escape led by his equally renowned wife, has died. He was 97. Take a moment and look him up and read his story.
We have no such heroes anymore it seems.
So, you buy coffee at the local shop?
Cost a premium doesn't it?
I stopped at a local convenience store the other day – a 7-11 to be exact, and purchased a humungous
big container of hot chocolate for $2.00 plus a few pennies for the tax man! What a deal and it tasted great as well!
Gonna do that again.
For sure.
Maybe Spring is finally here and perhaps warm weather is coming. I sure hope so. Both the cat and I keep casting longing looks out back and we each want to do our own business there. Of course mine is constructive and his is, shall we say, more of a recreational type. No matter how you look at it, we will both be “relieved” to get this process under way!
That is it for this week, time to get the bike out of storage – maybe this year I will actually use it.
Take care out there,

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