Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday musings

So it seems that my best game of golf this year will probably be the last one because the days of later fall are upon us now. Shots that were horror stories all of a sudden reverted to what were my norm and were fun to do. Drives were actually drives instead of 25 yard disasters. My short irons were smoking and putting was fun again!
No matter, it gave me such hope for my game that I look forward to starting up again next year.
We had our first killing frost this week and thankfully we had picked out tomatoes off that day just in case this was going to occur.
We planted black tomatoes this year and boy do they look different compared to the normal red variety. All the beets and carrots are pulled and only some companion flowers are left to pull when they too finally fall to more frost. 
Here is a photo of a red beside a black one.
Then it is time to blow out the water sprinklers, put garden hoses in storage, wrap the A/C and apply a fall lawn fertilizer and then the yard is ready for winter.
Had the snowblower tuned up this summer and after costing over $200 I hope that maybe this winter the snowfall will be at a minimum and I will have very little need of it.
One can dream can’t they?
I think that the world itself seems to be in a fall mode where there was little of major impact this past week. This is not to diminish the large amount of turmoil or suffering that there is, but no great issue burst to the forefront at this time.
Here in Canada the long race to succeed the late leader of the Federal Opposition has begun with a whimper and not a bang. It seems that the NDP are more focused on trying to continue their ongoing efforts to make a saint of their last leader.
Provincially in Saskatchewan the present governing party seems poised to repeat at the polls its victory of 4 years ago. Indeed most talk is whether the opposition NDP will be losing even more seats and what will be the future of their leader. Many pundits (including myself) believe that the party shot themselves in the foot when they chose their present leader when they opted for one that was an old warhorse of yesterday whose idea of politics is to negatively attack the other leader with personal insults and who seems to relish in gutter politics. That type of thinking is so out of date and out of touch with the new, positive, aggressive Saskatchewan that now is in the Canadian union.
A University in Quebec decided to have a “blackface” day for new students this week. How stupid can people be these days anyway?
An investigation in the construction industry in Quebec has found links to organized crime – and the Premier insists that there is no need to further investigate and lay criminal charges where appropriate. And there are people in that Province that want to form a separate country from Canada? Corruption, state subsidies, waning church influence……………..hmmm……………………just saying………………………………….
Over in Europe the same old opera of Greek default, possible Italian insolvency continues to play on. One of these days the proverbial shit will hit the fan and a lot of low and middle income people will end up carrying the can as a result of treasonous fiscal policies done by their governments and banks. The rich will be inconvenienced of course, but they will survive, that you can bet on.  
On the plus side, from today until October 3rd is Oktoberfest time in Germany especially Munich and that fest brings back many fine memories of the one that I attended. In fact while I was there, on the opening day in fact, I decided to call back to Canada and propose to my future wife! That was over 33 anniversaries ago - actually 34 this November!
In South America volcanoes are still mini erupting in Argentina causing flight disruptions. Funny how you never hear of South American news up here in North America isn’t it? I have mentioned before that the history of many of the countries there is longer than that of Canada and the USA.
I bet you can’t name the largest South American trading partner of Canada can you?
Here is a little factoid - Latin America is home to 589 million people. It’s a region of enormous diversity; its geography includes rain forests, deserts, mountain ranges and plains, while its wealth ranges from Panama with a GDP per person of $15,300 to Nicaragua, with $2,900.
Maybe it is time we looked there for a new trading circle instead of Asia and Europe.
Anyway, that is it for this week,
Take care out there,


  1. Why hello there! I wanted to drop by and thank you for the nice comment. Also, I have never seen a black tomato in my life. I did not even know about them. Do they taste different? Now I'm imagining black tomato sauce. :)

  2. Thanks for the note. Actually in regards to tomatoes my wife is the gourmand in the family and I am not the person to comment on them. She says that they are not as acidic as garden slicers, just as if not juicier.The insides are a black red. Now we are going to have to make some pasta sauce ourselves to see the final colour.A final note, these are termed heirloom tomatoes, the seeds are direct descendents from those brought by immigrants to Canada generations ago!