Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday musings

Well hurricane Irene hit the east coast of America and while there was a large amount of damage done, by all accounts things were not as bad as had been forecasted. Once again proving that despite all the advances in science, predicating the weather is an inexact art at best. Here in Saskatchewan we have a saying that if the present weather does not suit you, wait 15 minutes and it will change.
There seems to be an uneasy calm in Libya these days while the new government assumes more control over former areas of support of the deposed leader Gaddafi. The biggest stories focus on oil companies issuing forecasts as to when they can ramp up production again. Little is being said of what direction the new government will go, whether democratic or Islamic radical which should really be a concern to the powers that assisted in the countries "liberation".
It appears that once again Apple Corp. cannot keep track of prototypes and loses another iPhone (number 5) in yet another bar again. This happened with the iPhone4 as well. It seems according to reports that security people from Apple may have dressed and identified themselves as real police officers in conducting a search for the missing item at an individuals’ residence.
I do not know about you but the more widespread the influence and proliferation of Apples’ devices (including the moneymaking machine called iTunes) the more concerned I become with the death of competition in the electronic marketplace.  You just have to look at the tablet market to see where Apple sells over 80 odd per cent of all tablets. This market hold caused the large company HP to cancel sales of its tablet after only a couple of months
Just recently for a while Apple was the largest corporation in the world and had more cash reserves than the US government!
Canada’s largest airline has implemented fees for luggage on flights to the USA as of this Wednesday. Another example of gouging the consumer to death. This from an airline that cannot accurately post airfares in its advertisements.
You ever notice how reasonable the advertised fare seems and then when you decide to book, all of a sudden there are taxes, surcharges etc. added to the mix? And they cannot show this up front?
What a crock!
Professional football starts next week in the States. Going to be a lot of bored women on Sundays from then until Super Bowl next year.
Violence in hockey has apparently claimed a third victim this year. Wade Belak from the NHL joins Rick Rypien and Derek Boogard in a summer of tragedy. Suicide seems to be the cause in 2 of these cases and drugs and alcohol in the third. What this young men had in common was that they were what is termed “enforcers” or tough guys whose main function in the game was to fight the opposition teams tough guy when and as required. Constant shots to the head by these large men have had disastrous results. Even in the flow of the game these head shots have shortened careers by the concussions they produce. You have to look no further than to Sidney Crosby to see a possible early end to a superstars career. The average player today is much bigger, faster better conditioned and armoured than those from earlier.
The only way that this will end is when the owners awake to the loss of money from players not playing and fans staying away from games as a result and make changes.
Then and only then.
Only when money talks-period-loss of life matters not to them it seems.
And to be honest, the players association seems to be in cahoots with the owners on this terrible matter.
The dreaded R word is back in the news again. The Dow Jones stock exchange in the States fell 250 points on Friday alone.Many economists in the States are predicting that with the latest bad economic news that the recovery that was barely underway has stalled and all signs indicate that another recession is coming. This has to be really great news or all those that had lost their jobs and savings and were hoping desperately that employment was on the horizon. The prospect of a lost generation that I referred to in earlier writings is no longer possible but more likely inevitable and at what cost to the country and the world?
September 11 is fast approaching and all the horror and memories that are involved are starting to resurface. The American government has issued travel warnings and terror alerts just in case some wing nut group tries to cause chaos on that date. Where were you on that day anyway? I remember that morning as if it were yesterday, (the same can be said for memories of the day President Kennedy was assassinated) we had at that time a TV in our bedroom and while my wife was finishing off her wardrobe preparations for the day, I was watching the early morning news show when it was interrupted for live coverage of the event. I remember watching a reporter on site describing events as best as she could, based on what little facts were then known. Then a breakaway shot to the second plane crashing into the second tower and then the slow awful collapse of both towers and more news of the failed attempt against the Pentagon.
Time truly stood still at that terrible time. Even now, the sheer horror and evilness cannot be diminished. And sadly it took almost a decade for the mastermind of this hideousness to be dealt with in the only way possible, and even that was probably too humane in the end in his case.
 Last year we had a blight destroy our tomato crop but this year we have had a great growing season and the tomatoes are wonderful. Ours are about 10-15 days ahead of friends for some reason and are they ever big and juicy. They appear to be ripening right before our eyes and now we are watching the weather forecasts to determine when should be the day when we pick them all off the vine. That to me is the first official day of fall then.
Hopefully we will have another couple of months before the first snow falls. 
Winter can take its time appearing for all I care.
Anyway, still lots of good days and times ahead before then.
Take care out there,

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