Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday musings

   Never ever
      should he be forgotten,
            remember this man.
The pages and air waves have been full with tributes to this man and they barely touch the depth of him.
Nelson Mandela.
A hero to all of humanity.
A hero and beacon to all of us that try to make a good difference 
in the state of mankind.
My hero.
Words are inadequate and indeed they fail me as I try to write about Mandela and his meaning to me and South Africa and the world.
Suffice it to say that he breathed different air than we mortals, that he saw things invisible to our eyes and he understand things we cannot grasp.
As a person grows and ages, you can judge the growth of their character and morality by the people they call “their heroes”. And I mean no disrespect to the individuals I will mention but I believe you see what I mean as I progress. As a young child, cowboys strode tall – the Autrys's, the Wayne's, heck even the Zorro's. Then later, The Beatles and later still, for some, the Bieber's and the Kanye's and the Kardashian's. Eventually we (usually that is) all grow up and outgrow these one dimensional people and with luck become attuned to the Mandela's and the Tutu's and the others of this ilk.
I will not be the only one to miss this man.
Rest well Nelson Mandela, you have earned your sleep – and thank you.

I will return next week for a full column but somehow the cares of the world just seem a little less important than they were a few days ago.

Take care out there,
flatlander 52

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