Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday musings

There are those among you that might remember the meeting of what was termed the top nations of the world in so called summits – the G7 was the name of the group and as implied, involved the top 7 in what then was termed “the free world”.
Over the years the G7 has expanded and in recent years spun off a group that now meets annually comprised of the leaders and finance ministers of the top 20 countries throughout the world or the G20 as they are called.
Some people see this group as a somewhat sinister group of countries bent of circumventing the United Nations and “ruling” the world between themselves. If so, then this past week must be a great relief to them as the pressing issue at the summit was what type of global response would be forthcoming against the government of Syria for its use of outlawed chemical weapons on its citizens during the conflict raging in the country. Just as with the United Nations – nothing happened as there was an even split of those wanting and those opposing action.
It seems to many that the end of the world may not be through war, famine or nuclear holocaust but rather death by paperwork and lack of action by all governments of the globe – controlled by the drones working at the UN – determined to do nothing but protect their cushy no responsibility jobs and to heck with the real world.
All the while children die in agony.
Makes you want to cry doesn't it?
In Canada, a federal agency that reports on the state of the economy and specifically the number of jobs created and/or lost every month issued the August report and immediately was savaged by so called “experts” because the numbers did not jibe with their view of how the results should be. After all, they know better than anyone else – just ask them. Anyway, it seems like a large number of job gains were posted and that just did not make the doom sayers happy. It kind of made them look silly, and heaven knows, nothing is more offended and bilious than an expert shown wrong is there?
Also in Canada 2 universities became engulfed in a controversy supplied by first year students attending festivities during the first week of fall classes. In both cases, video was shot and then posted on the InterWeb of students chanting choruses filled with phrases promoting rape of woman and other vile acts. This type of behavior was somewhat typical of the mindset of students during the 50's to 90's one would have hoped. Indeed the prevailing thinking was that in this modern era, slowly but surely such an evil attitude was disappearing. Apparently not so. And you know what really is the saddest part of this whole tragedy?
It is that the people promoting this offensive behavior are not older aged folks, but rather the young people that say they are different than previous generations and they are better and morally superior because they do not have the same racism and sexism ingrained in them as their parents and grandparents misguided generations did.
And sadly, the worst aspect of this all was the fact that these group of losers being fools were comprised equally of men and women!
Women promoting rape – what the hell is wrong with them anyway?
Is all the education that they have been showered with just a complete waste?
Maybe these smug youngsters should look in a mirror and weep – as do their elders.
Ignorance, sexism, racism and hate is not limited to previous generations, the present one is doing just fine.
Oh, the sadness of it all.
In Australia, the Labour party that has governed for the last 6 years was soundly defeated at the polls this week as it appears voter frustration with what is seen as mismanagement of a resource based economic boom boiled over. The boom itself appears to be fading – at least according to so called “experts (probably related to the dudes in Canada I mentioned earlier) and that propelled the Conservative Party to victory in spite of some comments that appeared anti feminist to some.
In America, the madman who imprisoned and raped a trio of women in the city of Cleveland for years apparently could not take the cruelty of life imprisonment and committed suicide after one month.
Isn't this just so typical of these beastly cowards?
On the lighter side, remember the old saying about how a great salesman could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo (nowadays called an Inuk)? Well in a similar vein, news emerges that the land of the legendary coffee grower Juan Valdez, that is to say, Columbia, is to see the opening of almost 50 Starbucks coffee shops in the next 5 years.
Oh the irony of it all.
Just as jarring as seeing a McDonald's in the middle of Paris I suppose.
In a sign of how the times “ they are a changing” (apologies to Bob Dylan!) over on the Sandwich Islands, in Oahu in fact, three Valley men from the enchanted Isle of Maui are officially entered in the Mr. Hawaii contest. Turnaround is fair play isn't it? After all if a Miss Hawaii contest is fine, then why not one for the men?
Maybe one day the so called “beauty pageants” or what some call meat market pageants will disappear.
Not too soon in my opinion.
This next segment is a little different than my normal one in regards to the passing of someone that leaves the world a lesser place.
However not in this case.
The man who was the personal bodyguard of Adolph Hitler up and including the suicide of that twisted mad man, died this week at the age of 92. By all accounts this man, Rochus Mis, was what could be termed, an ordinary soldier. He was not a war criminal in the traditional sense, was never tried for any crime but his real crime was far worse than can be understood.
If I may quote the LA Times, which quoted this from the English Express - "He is the most unrepentant and unapologetic Hitler supporter you could ever have the misfortune to meet," a reporter for the London Sunday Express wrote in 2003.
"It was a good time with Hitler," Misch said in the article, which was based on a 2 1/2-hour interview. "I enjoyed it and I was proud to work for him."
That blind belief and faith is incomprehensible and unforgivable. It serves as a lesson to all how true evil can have many faces indeed.
It is people like that that allow horrors to emerge and flourish.
And the world is not lesser for his passing.
Did you know that it was a year ago that the singer Psy made his song Gangham Style a viral and world hit?
Seems longer ago than that doesn't it?
And now we have Miley Cyrus “twerking”.
Where one was laughable, the other is pathetic.
Oh well, they both have an audience and sell don't they?
And if parents are outraged, why do they not start acting like parents and control the use of smartphones, InterWeb of their children instead of abandoning all their responsibilities and blaming everyone else but themselves?
Sometimes it seems like kids raising kids doesn't it?
Remember a few short weeks ago I posted a before and after shot of some flowers we have in our yard?
Well, now they are gone as the long glorious summer is slowly fading away and their time in the sun has ended. We went, of course since this is the Island, fall flower shopping – surprise! And now I get to look forward to a whole new set of flowers around the yard for the next 6 months or so.

This week also saw the return of my better half from her sojourn east all the way to the hinterlands on the province of Ontario. Apparently the frantic and repeated cleanings of the family abode on my part were successful as there was little comment made and I thought I detected a glimmer of approval in her eyes when we walked into the place – but then again it might have been some faerie dust that I encountered!
Take care out there,

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