Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday musings

You ever get a case of deja vu?
As one gets older, the instances happen more and more often as many situations that arise are eerily similar to what you have gone through earlier in life.
I have had that happen to me in the past and once again encountered the feeling this week while sitting down at my keyboard and thinking about the blog. As per my wont I troll through the odd past posting and after this weeks excursion find myself a little uncomfortable in the realization that, gasp, I have locked myself into a set of repeating observations/rants.
The easiest one to spot is my “love” for that oh so excellent organization, the UN.
Another is the one sided bias on much of today's media.
And for that, I issue a mea culpa.
I have been accused of becoming predictable and, oh no, boring!
Unfortunately, while this may be a correct assessment of my thinking, I cannot change it.
The UN is a waste of time and money as it stands today.
Unless enough people speak out and by doing so make their respective governments demand that the UN do what it was intended to, nothing will change.
Any hope for the stopping of much of the insanity of the world will be lost forever.
The media?
A good media is vital for the health of democracy. One that exposes real corruption and ineptitude and wrongdoing and evil is one of the bulwarks of a free and involved people. One that is driven by its own agenda and done so to help subvert the freedom and goals of a democratic society must not be allowed to flourish.
What ever happened to truth in reporting anyway?
Yes, many news reports are correct but they are seemingly written with an eye to compete with gossip news tabloid style report agencies. And it is scary when main line agencies in countries like Canada, with the CBC and CTV and Global, use a source like Gawker as their main news supplier without any question as to the accuracy or objectivity of the report.
And no one questions them as to why.
So, yes I have written many times on a few specific topics, and sadly will probably continue to write even more on them.
And yes, I am also tired of these topics but someone has to keep talking about them.
So, on a different note, I spent some time the last couple of days updating and sorting through my digital photos file system I am so glad that I became enthralled with taking pictures as the same time as digital electronic photos came of age. I shudder as to what I would have spent by now in getting prints done for all of them over the years and the time and effort used to assemble them into photo albums. And what about the space they would take up – and in all likelihood in the knowledge that no one would ever look at them again? At least a small closet would be needed I suspect.
So I copied, moved and sorted lots (10's of thousands maybe millions!) of photos and now am content and happy that the deed is done. OK, maybe not millions but after a few hours it sure seemed like it.
One pleasant part was taking the odd moment to open some of the files and see the opening of small windows of my past. I was fortunate enough to be able to have scanned a good number of projector slides (a big pastime for viewing decades ago) and rediscovered pictures of my grandparents that brought back good memories of them for me. And some really strange ones of myself – gawd I was really ungainly and awkward those many years ago, no question.

The sad part of this is, just like what happens to people all over the world with many photo memories, these matter only to a very few people and once they are gone, they become worthless.
Like the story about how important a person really is? As important as the effect on a glass of water when you put a finger in it and then remove it – not important at all.
The realization of mortality can be sad if you let it be.
Ah, but what the heck, it is your life and you should enjoy it while you can because youth, and vigour only come around once so why not appreciate it and enjoy the great memories in your dotage?
You know about “paying it forward”?
The custom of doing something, for no reward financially or socially or politically, for someone or a group in the expectation that they may do the same for someone down the road of life when they are able to do so?
Well, I have tried to do so for a number of years now and this week was able to do so again.
And yes, it was in a minor way but each long journey is started with a small series of steps. I, as many know, have an affinity for tech “stuff” and have waaaay too many computers, tablets and various devices of the sort. So, I thought rather than take an old unit to the local electronic recycle shop which would strip any usable components outs and sell them for scrap, I would search out any person or organization that needed one for learning about computers and the InterWeb, but did not have the money to spend to do so. I indeed did find someone and he took a laptop, laser printer and a Wii and Nintendo Ds for some kids on a reserve in the area.
A good man trying to make a difference and I was happy to be able to help contribute in a small way to helping some kids maybe get a step ahead in the world.
Paying it ahead – try it and feel good about life and yourself.
And that is it isn't it? There are so few people that can effect change on a global scale by themselves and many individuals are consumed by angst and rage against “the man” and “the system” and what they think “he” and “it” does to them. Maybe an answer is to do what little changes you can in your own little corner of the world. Paying it ahead, picking up litter, helping a senior across the street, not loudly swearing in conversation while in public, because doing many of the little things can and does make a difference. Maybe if more people did just a little extra, things would be better. It does not take tons of money nor time but like said before, a long journey is started with small steps.
Food for thought folks.
So here on the Island we have had some news that a friend is retiring and moving out here. Kind of cool to hear. I now have a walking stick if you can believe it. I thought that since my better half has been taking me (and shows no signs of stopping!) for bloody long walks nearly every day over terrain that can sometimes resemble goat paths in some of the parks we have discovered, that I needed something to lean on as I stumble along in the distance behind her. With all my wheezing and puffing, there is no chance that the wildlife will ever be surprised by our approach – that is a certainty!
And yet, I seem to be in better health now and actually look forward to these walks.
Sure do miss the old recliner though!
I knew the temperature was moderate here but this week re-discovered a grove of palm trees growing near the city centre here, hard to believe for a former flatlander who grew up in minus 40 winters!

Well, made it through a week without mention of Syria, the UN and some other bug a boos.
take care out there,

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