Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday musings

So a photo of Hugo Chavez laying flat on his back with 2 of his daughters beside him had been released by the government of Venezuela to show that he is alive and recovering from the latest round of surgery for his cancer. A close look shows an extremely puffy face and an expression that sadly does not seem quite focussed.
Something still does not seem right about this.
We shall see I guess.
In Argentina the government seems to have offered teachers a 33% wage increase over 3 years in contract negotiations. Sure sign of inflation at work in the economy.
Not a good sign at all.
This week a large meteorite crashed into the northern regions of Russia traveling at an estimated 54,000 KPH and blowing out windows and injuring over 1,200 with its sonic booms. With the abundance of video devices including webcams mounted on car dashes, many clips were available for viewing throughout the world.
A truly impressive sight.
Sadly one talking head for the CNN TV network was quoted as saying this was the result of global warming.
Here in Canada a restaurant chain has discontinued a line of beer termed Albino Rhino, named after an animal with that condition from over 25 years ago because a lady who recently immigrated to Canada filed a Human Rights complaint because as an albino, she felt slighted/discriminated against.
As one person noted, pretty soon the Human Rights Commissions in Canada will support any grievance, major or frivolous except those from a white male.
Also in the wonderful fantasy land of Quebec, it seems that the student unions that were so assiduously courted by the now ruling separatist Parti Quebecois in the last election, have lost faith in the PQ and now will boycott a summit on education because the government will not provide free education and indeed has mentioned that tuition rates may, just may rise with inflation.
How ironic.
As many political hacks find out over and over and over again, it is so easy to promise the world in opposition but once in power, the real world has a nasty way of intruding.
And the PQ wants to run their own country?
Here in British Columbia, there will be a provincial election in a few months. So, like many other governments over the last century or so in Canada, what does the ruling party do but launch a taxpayer funded media blitz telling people how good life is in the province. I remember the last 2 times governments changed in Saskatchewan and it was like a case of deja vu seeing this here. As if people are as naive as the handlers for the governments tell the Leaders they are. And the Party Leaders actually believe this crap. In B.C. The cost of this feel good campaign has ballooned from 14 million to 17 million. And it will make not an iota of difference in the minds of voters – regardless of who they intend to vote for.
A lot of money for absolutely nothing.
What a waste.
In America this week a former police officer murdered a number of people in a vendetta against his former employer and was finally tracked down to a cabin in the mountains and a huge firefight ensued with large amounts of gunfire exchanged and smoke grenades being tossed into the cabin with the result that the cabin caught on fire. The fugitive committed suicide and it took a number of days to confirm the identity of the body.
During the process of securing him, police shot 2 women in a truck because they thought that the women were actually the fugitive. The truck was also a different colour and make. So what made the police shoot these women?
A question that many doubt will ever be answered.
The Pope announced his retirement this week. He becomes the first Pope in over 500 years to resign rather than die in office. At 85, many say this is a good decision. That being said, many say his legacy is a sad and troubled one. Increased agitation against birth control, no women in the priesthood, anti gay stance, cover up of sexual abuse by priests – not a great record people say.
Is it time for a non European and non white Pope?
Doubt if that will ever happen.
If by some fluke this happened, the new Pope would be so thoroughly emasculated by the College of Cardinals and the Vatican bureaucracy, one would never think that the new Pope was anything but a old white European!
Speaking of Europe, the “scandal” of horse meat being incorporated into hamburger products has spread throughout the EU. Just one thing, people have eaten horse meat for a heck of a long time in the history of mankind and never had a problem because of that. Also, I suspect that no one who actually had some of this so called tainted meat even noticed or were affected by it. So what the heck is the problem? Just stop the process, tighten up checks and balances and get on with life. Many more important things happening in the world rather than this tempest in a tea pot.
I think we all have read that Disney Studios purchased the Star Wars franchise and have a new film in the concept stage. Harrison Ford, Han Solo in the series, is now 70 and apparently is going to reprise his role therein. Not sure if this is a good idea. Film “freezes” a persons age forever and to see a 70 year old man in a new film, where he was (and is in many re-runs and DVD's) in his 30's in earlier ones will be difficult for many to accept.
Remember my comments on the “fiscal cliff” in the United States recently? And how ALL in government ducked their responsibilities to the American people? And then they cobbled together a feel good bill that only punted the problem down the road for three months?
Well, the three months are almost up and nothing was done in the meantime. Indeed the Republicans have decried the so called sequester cuts that THEY agreed to last year that will start in March. Now they say it is the idea of the President and they had nothing to do with it. They are now seeing what the impacts are going to be in their constituencies and all of a sudden are concerned. They still do not get it do they? They work for the people, not the other way around but they still do not and will not accept this simple fact. They seem much more concerned about vacations, pay perks and benefits for themselves rather than the fate of the country.
Wait until the cuts happen and see the firestorm erupt as people discover that they are the financial victims in a political power struggle.
It will not be pretty, that is for certain.
I would be remiss in not posting one last observation about our time in the Sandwich Islands recently. And that is about the people there.
Many so called sophisticated people around the world have an arrogant opinion and attitude towards Americans.
They are so wrong.
I have once again found them to be wonderful hosts and a pleasure to be around.
Yes, as in all countries, there are some not so wonderful people among them but I dare you to show me a country any better. If the world stopped envying the United States and instead tried to incorporate some of the best things it offers, we all would be better off.
So, thanks America, we will visit you again!
Anyway, back on our Island, Spring continues to unfold.
I still think it is early and new acquaintances insist that indeed it does sometimes snow again in March but somehow, I do not believe them. I see reports of other parts of the country and feel for the people there. Next week we intend to drive to a park called Cathedral Park that is home to some of the oldest and tallest old growth trees on the Island and indeed in the province.
That should be fun and entertaining.

Finally, on a personal note, I lost someone that I admired very much on Saturday. I once referred to him in a column as KHK in B.C. Well, he was my uncle and he was a good man, a good husband, a good father and a good grandparent, what better epitaph than that can one offer?
He will be missed by many.

take care out there,

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