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I have not written about the protest movement underway by First Nations people here in Canada to date. One reason is that this is a subject and topic that is so fresh and raw at this time in the public discourse that one must be careful of any off the cuff incendiary comments. There are many valid opinions being expressed both for and against what the movement espouses. There are as many stupid and ignorant and wrong opinions also being espoused.
I believe that a gentleman by the name of Rex Murphy explained it well in the following article posted in the Canadian version of the Huffington Post on line this week. Here is the link:
I cannot properly articulate my thoughts on this at this time. I do not want to say anything disingenuous or just plain wrong on such a vital topic and movement for the Canadian people, and I mean all Canadians, not just the First Nations. One thing I will say is that this issue demands nothing but the most honest and sincere efforts from all parties. The consequences of status quo remaining is frightening.
Will real heroes emerge or will cowards and self interested individuals rule the day?
So Lance Armstrong goes on TV and admits he lied.
Does this mean all will soon be forgiven?
What about all those people whose lives and careers he destroyed by his lies and his legal action against them for speaking the truth?
And what of the rumoured 100 million he amassed by winning those bicycle races and product endorsements?
Doubt it.
Will he be another “celebrity” that with phoney confessions, with fake tears to attempt to hide a cynical expression of contempt for the general public be forgiven and probably rewarded for such a brava performance?
And yet we have witnessed the passing of a true American sports hero this week – Stan Musial at the age of 92.
Look him up.
Lance Armstrong would not even be a pimple on that mans' rear end.
One wishes Armstrong would just go away – period.
American President Obama will soon be sworn in for his second term. One wonders as to what the next 3 years will bring. As with previous Presidents, the fourth and final year will be spent trying to burnish his image for history and some sort of grand farewell tour probably.
He seems intent on changing the gun laws and culture of the land as well as further demoralizing and minimizing the Republican Party. Somewhere along the line the fact that the Government has been breaking the law of the land by not passing a budget for a number of years now will become a thorn in his side. As well, the fiscal cliff has been delayed and not prevented and there still seems no potential solution as long as the Republican Party is held hostage by its Tea Party element. Already stories and reports are coming along and being trumpeted by “impartial” (HA!) media sources of the impending devastation of the American economy as a result of the looming defence budget cuts. Sadly, so deeply has the military supported manufacturing industry entrenched itself into the economic structure of the country that any reduction in funds ripples through the whole land. The industry has, in the words ascribed to the bank industry, become too big to fail.
Is this right?
So, it seems that the new Canadian $20 bill has an illustration of a non native Maple Leaf on it. Various serious pointy head people – usually subsidized tenured professors who could not get and hold a real job in the real world – have moaned and wailed over this fact.
Like who really gives a damn?
Does it change the value of the bill?
Will it cause the country to fall apart?
After all Canada has survived Celine Deion and Justin Beiber quite well and dare I mention Bill Shatner or Carly Rae Jepsen?
Maybe society should take a hard look at the type of people instructing in Universities and the courses that are being offered. We read litany after litany of woe from young grads with degrees in the most idiotic fields who wonder where they will get high paying jobs instead of the barista work they now have.
As my father said to me many, many (way too many) years ago – having a trade may not be the most glamourous thing in the world, but it will always pay the bills and look after you, your partner and your retirement.
As true today as it was then.
Somewhere along the line people started accepting and believing the nonsense that so called enlightened intellectuals fed them.
You see the results today in the faces of the over educated and undertrained and unemployed young workforce.
March 10-11 will see yet another referendum in the Falkland/Malvina (British or Argentinian version) Islands whether the Islanders want to remain part of Britain or become part of Argentina. If they vote pro British, will the Argentine government accept the verdict? Or if they vote the other way will the British government agree?
Either way I doubt it.
The same thing happened here in Canada a couple of times in the province of Quebec where political forces bent on the destruction of the Canadian union by having Quebec declare itself a sovereign country having lost the referendum vote declare that the results were not binding and no matter how many times a new vote will be needed, they will accept only the one that agrees with their myopic version of A Brave New World (apologies to Mr. Huxley).
A hostage taking in Algeria and swift government action to end the affair. Dead terrorists and many dead hostages as well. Many will bemoan this but maybe world governments are starting to grasp the seriousness and depth of the international terrorist organizations like Al Quaeda and are starting to draw the proverbial line in the sand and saying no more concessions – period.
Many will agree and say that this is the correct thing to do.
In Nicaragua, a court sentenced 18 fake Mexican journalists to 30 years each for drug trafficking.
If more and more American states legalize the use and possession of pot, some things will have to happen. First off, some sort of tax structure will have to be put in place. Then, as in the case of alcohol, there should be legal penalties for driving under the “influence” of said product as well as instruments similar to roadside Breathalyzers to detect impairment. Also, as in smoking in public spaces with the documented ill effects of second hand smoke, will non smoking laws also be enacted? Health care premiums to reflect usage as is the case for heavy drinkers and smokers of tobacco?
Food for thought.
In a good news story, German authorities are happily confirming reports that say Dutch citizens are crossing the border in record amounts to purchase massive amounts of German beer and returning home with the fabulous suds. How wonderful for the economy is that?
Well, that is it for this week. Next week I will try to send you some photos from a different location just to add some variety to the column. In other words – on vacation!!!!

take care out there,
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