Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday musings

OK, after a wearying road trip from Regina, we are now at our new home in Nanaimo.
Finally, the adventure ends one chapter and now the next begins.
But first, a few thoughts of the trip out here are in order.
A going away present from Mother Nature this past Wednesday as we left Regina - the winds were blowing directly at us all the way to Calgary at over 55 Kilometers per hour - will not forget or forgive that little "gift" as it hindered our fuel efficiency and reminded us of the ever present Regina wind that we will no longer have to deal with nearly every day.
Our friend in Calgary is fine and dealing well with the loss of her partner this past July and we are pleased with that.
We had a pleasant trip through the mountains and stopped at a tourist place called the Enchanted Forest that was opened in 1962 by a couple who built all the attractions by hand. The fairy tale figurines were made by the woman and were of concrete and he built all the structures which include a castle, the Shoe of the Little Old Lady that lived in it. All kinds of animals  and houses, people like Bo Peep, Cinderella, Snow White and the list goes on. A newer addition is a zip line and kids rock climbing wall and other fitness oriented structures.
I had not been there in almost 50 years and seeing old memories restored (as Time does fade and blur memories, I think we can agree) was wonderful. When I think of the trips my parents took us three boys on during the early 60's equipped with a canvas tent (not like the snazzy modern pop up units now available) and really not too much in funds, I marvel at all they did for us and how it was done on limited funds. Nowadays one travels with access to funds via cards, money orders etc. so usually no worries if an unexpected BIG expense happens. Life sure was diferent in those days.
We stayed overnight in the bustling small city of Vernon to visit my uncle and aunt. They are a good couple and retirement suits them.
We like them.
Then off to Vancouver on Friday we went and was that fun! We did as many people do these days and decided to depend on our GPS unit for directions rather than use old fashioned maps to find the way to the ferry port that would continue our journey to the Island. Of course the last time through (in late July) we took the same road to Vancouver and went to another ferry station but I remembered that there was a huge highway sign that indicated the turn off for the ferry station that we were to use this time. But no, we decided to let technology rule the day. So instead of getting to and turning at this sign, we let the GPS unit tell us to take a different route.
OK, I really did want to see cattle fields, horse pastures, road construction detours and a number of nameless hamlets on the way didn't I? I think we wasted about 1/2 an hour or more on this scenic detour. However, that being said we did get to our destination - albeit with nerves a-twitching as the battery in the GPS died as we saw the ferry station for the first time! And yes, my better half wasted no time reminding me that she suggested a couple of times before we left Regina that I should have gotten a car plug adapter for the GPS.
So now we are in Nanaimo, just waiting for the furniture to arrive from Regina and then next week life starts anew for us here. Getting our post box to work, becoming a registered citizen for services, utilities, and a host of many other details too numerous to mention.
I look forward to that.
A couple of comments on items in the world.
Nice to see that the man running for President of the United States for the Republican Party for it seems most of the year, Mitt Romney, is now officially the candidate for the party after a convention that crowned - oops - "elected" him to represent the party. Why have a convention when the rules are so slanted to eliminate vote ability of the delegates but having mini elections in individual states beforehand that cast the delegates votes "in stone"?
Now Romney and Obama can officially campaign against each other. As if they have not being doing it all year long!
The Falkland Islands council has decided to have a public vote next year whether to stay with Britain or look at joining Argentina. I suspect that the status quo will remain in place much to the "anger" of the politicians in Argentina. Before people knock the viewpoint of the Argentine people, perhaps would perception be different if Canada asserted claims to the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon from France? After all they are off the coast of Canada and very close indeed. Just asking.
Stories persist about possible action by Israel against Iran to stop perceived advances in the ability of Iran to create nuclear weapons. This will continue to evolve and the prospect of military confrontation grows by the day.
A man in Sonneberg, Germany celebrated his divorce by taking a chainsaw to cut his house and possessions in half. Gotta love the thinking behind that.
Next week, more about the world I promise!
take care out there,

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