Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday musings

Strange week across the world with many incidents that may foreshadow bigger after effects to follow. First you have the “accidental” shooting down of a Turkish jet by the Syrian military. At this time the Turkish response is muted but there are promises of an appropriate reaction to follow after it is determined as to what had actually happened in the whole affair. There are a whole series of dominoes that can topple if these 2 countries start action against each other. Iran is eager to assert what it feels is its role in the region as a major player. Israel will not stand by and Russia for sure will support Syria no matter how right or wrong it is, just look at the way it tried to ship embargoed weapons to Syria this week and then blandly issued a statement saying that these weapons were solely intended to repel foreign invaders – hogwash.
Then Hosni Mubarak of Egypt died, then did not die, then was on life support and dying and now is recovering from a fall in bathroom! Do you think the truth is not being shown and the military is desperately trying to buy time to defuse tension in the country from the recent presidential elections where as of Saturday night no winner has been declared?
Paraguay has punted its President from office and installed a new one through what some call a biased judicial format caused by some riots in the rural sector of the country that resulted in many deaths caused by the authorities. Democracy in this country has a fragile history and is mainly run by the military over the years so the next months will be crucial to the country.
On the environmental front the Rio+20 ended with a whimper and no agreements except to agree to meet again. Once again media hacks were running off at the keyboard as how regulations were going to be passed that would transfer enormous sums of money from polluting countries – conveniently mainly the West, not India or China for example (2 of the worst) to poor developing ones. This would basically create a socialist version of the world where all poor are equal in their suffering – except for the leaders and their families of course. This did not happen so we can expect Greenies to wail and gnash their teeth at this betrayal.
Speaking of that corrupt organization, the United Nations, a drone, oops, bureaucrat visited North Korea and came away dazzled by a health care system that should be a model for the world. Come on, what was this person smoking? A country with a gulag so horrible that thousands and thousand have entered never to return? A country that teaches how to hate America as a course in its schools? A country that shoots the entire family of real and would be defectors? A country that is starving its people to a slow painful death while making sure the military and leaders are well fed?
The UN is a joke.
Toothless, hijacked by tin pot dictator run countries with an equal vote to powers like Russia, Germany,United States and the Maldives (OK, the Maldives was a joke!) we should take the UN seriously?
I see where Julien Assange has take refuge in the embassy of Ecuador and is seeking political asylum because he believes that if he goes to Sweden to face charges of rape, that the Americans will spirit him away to their land in the dark of night to be murdered or something like that. This is turning into a sad story of a failed man who did something incredible with the formation of the Wikileaks site. Government deserve to have their dark evil secrets exposed in order to keep them doing what they are supposed to do and that is to govern legally and with honour, not by subversion and destruction of individuals and the suppression of people's rights in the process.
I was going to talk a little about the financial crisis in Europe and Canada's role or lack of in it but I have to admit that this afternoon I read a blog by Conrad Black (look up his story-fascinating reading to say the least) and he says it as well or better than I can - and as such here is the link to it ( it is in the Canadian National Post ) 

Here in Canada I have mentioned the student strike in Quebec against very minor increases in tuition costs passed by the lawfully elected provincial government a number of times. It seems that now with summer upon us, the students are leaving the strike marches to enjoy a “well deserved” summer vacation. Heaven forbid that principals would interfere with leisure time for these spoiled brats. Indeed a sympathy strike was called for in Toronto and a grand total of 7 (excluding about 50 media) showed up!
Easier to sip a latte than walk in the hot sun.
And yes, whatever happened to the 1% protesters anyway?
A man in China died this week after watching the Euro Cup (soccer championship) for 11 straights days without sleep. Cannot understand this level of sports intensity, because, it is just a game. Sadly too many people believe that sports is more than what it is and you see so many overpaid undereducated “athletes” literally destroy their bodies for obscene amounts of money that are drained from them as soon as they get it by parasitic hanger ons. And the result of all this punishment? Crippled, mentally damaged individuals living usually on the fringe of society in poverty, forgotten by all those that cheered them on in their youth.
So, the price of oil is around $80 a barrel and yet here in Regina, not a drop in the price at the pump. We are paying the same per litre as when oil was $125 a barrel. Of course the cowardly politicians are mute on this topic – they know who greases their way in life and after retirement.
Media scribes are drooling over poll reports indicating that the socialist New Democratic Party in Canada is more popular than the ruling Conservative Party federally. They are cheering a new government coming any day now – kind of funny as to how they ignore the fact that the next election is in 2015! Many things and opinions can change between now and then, indeed they can change in a fortnight. All for the desperate need for a catchy headline – perhaps for a bonus for the writer? The truth is the first casualty when reporters solemnly say they are telling the REAL truth.
It is kind of sad to see the overwhelming American media 24-7 coverage of the Sandusky child molestation trial. No question what was done was horribly wrong and evil, but there are more pressing stories from around the world to be told that America needs to know about. Perspective needs to be addressed but sadly, gruesome stories sell well.
Summer is officially here know and the weather has gone from dismal and wet to sunny and hot- yay! I finally got my first game of golf in this week and admit that I did fairly well. Surprised me and my golf buddy and it was fun. Also it is tinged with a bit of sadness as I suspect that I will only get in another 5 or 6 games before we move and never again will I golf the courses in this part of the world. I enjoyed every moment walking the course and savouring the view, the air and the game itself.
We went to a local vegan and gluten free cafe called the Green Spot run by 2 of our friends, actually they are more like a younger brother and sister to us on Saturday and spent some time with them. Their 2 little girls came running up to us to give big hugs all around, sure will miss them when we leave.
They are so funny and they call my better half Auntie and somehow I am Grandpa!
Little whippersnappers!
Oh well, it is always fun to be around the girls and they bring a ready smile to my face whenever I see them.
The 22nd of June marked the 4 month anniversary of the Once train crash in Buenos Aires. We were there when it happened and I still remember the screaming sirens as dozens of ambulances raced through the city streets from the site to nearby hospitals. The final report on the causes and who or what was responsible still is not done yet but hopefully this will happen soon. The dead deserve as much.
Argentina is such a wonderful land and the people are treasures.
Well, another week has flown by and so has this column. So have yourself a fun week and see you next Sunday!
Take care out there,

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