Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday musings

Well, the pundits were correct and France has a new socialist President, a Mr. Hollande who wants to scale back the austerity programs that his predecessor Sarkozy and German chancellor Merkel instituted. Citing a belief that France has shouldered too much of a burden and that there is much more tax money to be squeezed out of the shrinking middle class while also extending the 37 paid holidays to at least 40 (the Americans by contrast have 13!) and shortening the work week from 35 to 30 hours.
Poor overworked French people.
Greece is without a government as the people soundly rejected the 2 traditional ruling parties and splintered the remaining vote among other parties. This includes a far right semi Nazi appearing party that by default gets 50 free seats based on the way the vote went. The possibility of another election looms and if that happens, this neo - Nazi party may win all the marbles. Their platform is to say to heck with the Euro, stop immigration, especially non white, default on all loans and financial obligations and oh yes, we will continue to not pay individual income tax and avoid all forms of taxation and increase the size of people working at non existent jobs in government – because that is their right as a citizen of Greece!
Perish the thought that someone will have to pay the bills – we can always get more money is we say “pretty please” - right?
I think we can kiss the fragile world recovery from the depression of '07 goodbye.
JP Morgan, one of the largest banks in the world said on Thursday that because of a flawed strategy, it had lost 2.3 or so billion dollars on derivatives recently.
The same bank whose President has repeatedly said that the Dodd Frank financial reform bill in the United States was an unneeded and intrusive federal government intervention in the free market banking system and unAmerican.
And the bankers wonder why citizens think they are being screwed by them? And that every time the banks are forced to actually try and act like lawful corporate citizens, that they pass on increased costs to the consumer and act outraged when people complain?
This is what lack of accountability and lack of legal penalties can do, and actually rewards these banks for their lack of accountability.
Hugo Chavez has returned from cancer treatments in Cuba to Venezuela amid stories that a critic has hidden clues about plans to assassinate him in a crossword puzzle.
Please, leave the paranoia to the socialists in Saskatchewan.
Speaking of that, here in Regina, plans were announced over a year ago to replace the aged football stadium with an covered entertainment complex, part of a massive redevelopment program for the inner city district of the city. This was to be one of those once in a generational projects intended to propel the city into the modern era.
So much for vision, courage and dreams.
The city resubmitted the proposal this week and what a difference.
Now, there will be an open air stadium. Used for the short summer season only. It will be on existing city owned property squeezed into a small area with zero parking available. The city hopes people will use mass transit to get to the park – never happen. The area where the enclosed facility was to be built was to be on soon to be vacated railroad property in the heart of the city. There is talk of a 4% property tax increase for 20 years. If instituted, the increase will never be repealed – that gravy train is never shut down by greedy governments, they always have excuses to continue it and find ways to spend the money. Talk of a 75% private sector involvement to pay for all this has vanished, as if it never was. The hotel industry that pledged 10 million towards the project has withdrawn the offer because, as they say, an open air stadium does not bring in extra visitors – an enclosed venue does. All the whining the citizens do about losing majour entertainment acts to our sister city in the north will continue – and that is solely the fault of a loud, vicious vocal minority of taxpayers opposed to anything that spells progress. So like the socialist New Democratic Party that had ruled the province for so long and always sought to bring the citizens down to the lowest common financial and expectation level possible – except of course for the chosen few of the Party and their friends and relatives – hypocrites all!
I weep for this city and what it is losing.
It makes the move west easier every day as I see more and more evidence of the lack of forward thinking here and realize that the greatness I once dreamed for its future, was only a dream and not reality. It seems the people here prefer mediocrity and blandness over progress and vitality and a zest for life and the future.
So sad.
American President Obama has come out in support of gay marriage – after an awkward silence when the Vice President did so a few days earlier. I remember his promises when running for President originally, and how he was going to be different and decisive – his words, not mine. And how the real world changed him after election and really, is he much different than his predecessor – George Bush?
Mitt Romney, his Republican opponent continues to try to please everyone. Before he supported gay rights, not now. Before he supported the changes proposed by Mr. Obama to health care, now he is opposed.
Poor America, what does the future hold for you?
A Russian prototype short haul passenger jet crashed while touring the Far East on a sales promotion trip – no one survived sadly. It is unfortunate that a nation with such a storied history in aviation production has stumbled so badly these past few years, decades actually.
Of course with Mr. Putin returned as King, oops, President, the Russian diplomatic face is becoming more aggressive amid threats of a possible nuclear strike against NATO if the Americans are allowed to deploy a missile defence system in Europe, ostensibly against possible missile strikes from rogue states like Iran.
Like having the Cold War again isn't it?
Mr. Putin, times have changed, maybe you should change as well – please?
Spring cleaning-will it ever stop?
The more I dispose of and remove, the more I find, unbelievable. 
Way too many things to put in the blog this week sadly, as I am over my word count and unfortunately it is time to end for now.
So, until next week,
take care out there,

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