Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday musings - a mini blog!

Well, this has been a wild three days. Friday we hit the road for an eight hour drive to Calgary. Then spent Saturday with an old pair of friends, and then this morning returned home.
The reason for such a short brutal trip?
He is not well, not well at all and it was time to see him again before things get worse. She has been a dear friend of my wife since childhood and he and I met in university many many years ago. My wife and I were in their wedding party and that is how we met and eventually ended up getting married as well.
We have few friends but the ones we do have we hold dear and value beyond measure. What is happening now hurts more than a few words can describe.
So all I will say is that I will need time to understand and process this weekend. But I do know that my awe of their courage and love for each other is great.
I do not know if I could deal with life the way they are.
I  do know that this has opened my mind to certain things in my own life and firmed up thoughts into decisions on matters that I will take. Not everyone will be happy with these decisions, but it is my life and that is the bottom line.
So, sadly, this is a short blog for this week. Next week I will return with a "normal" column and I look forward to "talking" with you again.
Take care out there,

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