Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday musings

Another wonderful summer week here in the Canadian Prairies and all around the world fires ignite.
What a spectacle of London in flames were we treated to this week. What started out as a peaceful demonstration in the death of a young man turned violent and ugly. Many of the rioters were young unemployed youth who lashed out at any and everything they could. They destroyed large boutique stores and stores run by struggling small business folks. Social media via Blackberry was the tool used to coordinate these activities. Authorities arrested scores based on street camera footage as well as postings on the Internet. When asked why, the thugs replied that they had no idea why they did what they did. Once again this twisted sense of entitlement among some of the younger generation surfaces.
In Syria the brutal suppression of the people by the Government via military might continues with the death toll mounting. It proves the total waste of time and space that is the United Nations in that motions of censure go unnoticed. Of course you know that the largest donor of funds to the UN is the United States?
 You know, the country that everyone dumps on, those mean old Americans? The same “broke” country that just donated another 14 million to help in relief efforts in the drought stricken Horn of Africa? And tell me, where are to so called other champions of the world – Venezuela, Russia, China, India, France to name a few in this process? Pretty conspicuous by their absence and silence I would say.
Have you noticed how democracy is being subverted in the United States by the Government itself in their monetary crisis? Part of the deal in raising the debt ceiling was the establishment of a so called super committee, consisting of 6 of each party from both levels of government. They are to meet to impose without debate budget restrictions in order to meet debt reduction goals. If not successful sweeping cuts to programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and the military will kick in. Lost in the whole process is the documented proof that Americans want to maintain the health programs and increase taxation of the wealthy. Instead the whole country is being held hostage to a radical group of ultra conservatives who believe that in order to create jobs, you should fire people and reduce government programs that would in effect reduce funding for such things as road and infrastructure construction, policing – see how well that worked in England.
Great civilizations wither and die away when government is destroyed from within- not from without.
Prime Minister Harper is down south signing all kinds if trade agreements with countries like Costa Rica and Honduras and getting all kinds of grief over this from those wanting to link human rights treatment to trade. Where are all these concerned citizens when they purchase their IPods, IPads and the like that are made in China? Convenient conscience I say.
Ever notice how most of the Green People live in majour cities that consume a lot of power that contributes to global warming? They have easy access to mass transit – try that in a city of 120,000 or so where the buses run every hour in winter at 40 below- that will change many a person’s perspective pretty damn quick.
Have you read where the Israelis are ignoring the world community and especially their great friends the Americans in the building of additional housing in disputed territory? It seems the easiest way to get votes in the States is to adopt a pro Israel stance- this also works in Florida where a anti Castro stance will garner votes from the Cuban exile community.
Speaking of Castro - he turned 85 this week.
I see where a number of European countries have issued short term bans on what is called short trading. A rough version is that traders sell off what they believe is overvalued stock causing prices to fall and then rebuying almost immediately and pocketing the profit. This can have the result of devastating a stock market and causing wild swings in a countries perceived value- France being such a case. As soon as this was done, markets have stabilized to a degree. Of course traders are complaining because they are not doing what they are supposed to do – make money. And maybe that is what a lot of people never have understood in both the crash of 2008 and now, profit and traders. The people on “Wall Street “ and other stock markets do not give a rats ass about the average person-period! All they care about is how they measure up against their job description and wage earmarks. Nothing more, nothing less. Until people stand up and demand that there be strict control and regulation on the way the markets run – expect to see more of the swings as computers drive the buying and selling and they depend on the programs that are written for them to spot trends immediately and react without hesitation to sell at the best price and avoid a loss at all costs. So when a companies stock value shows a slight drop- it can be accelerated to almost worthless value by the traders who are frantic to sell before the losses become larger and thus continues the downward cycle.
Ever been to a Farmers Market?
A common sight in the summer months and they bring a taste of freshness to the palate that you cannot get from grocery store produce. You notice that tomatoes are not what they used to be, say about 15 years ago? They have been genetically altered to take long distance transportation without bursting. How was this done you might ask? By forcing the skin to develop so as to be almost as thick as a sole of a sandal. Here is an example of science gone wrong –getting a short term goal but sacrificing too much to do so. The same applies to peaches, apricots and heck, even cherries!
It almost makes freezer vegetables look good!!
Ever wondered what you would do if you were ever given the chance to redo one thing in your life? I have always said that you are now as a result of what was in your past. It shaped you to be the person you are – would you want to change that? No, I do not think so.
Anyway, time for a walk around the lake and a visit to the ice cream stand.
So until next week, (remember only 4 more months to Xmas!)
Take care out there,

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