Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday musings

Well, July the 1st has come and gone and what a great day it was. Outside the temperature was warm, the winds were light and we had company from out of town visiting us. Went to the park that night for the fireworks display and was wowed by the fantastic light show. Was fun to stroll through the park at 10:30 at night with thousands of other people with nothing else in mind except the enjoyment of the moment.
So now hopefully for our American cousins Monday the 4th will be as enjoyable.
Thailand has elected a female Prime Minister. That should be interesting in a country that has a viewpoint on the status of women in the workforce and politics that is slightly shall we say, behind the times.
Went golfing for the first time this year.
What an adventure that was.
It took me three days for all the aches and pains to subside. Gawd, I did not know a man could hurt in so many weird and strange places!
After all the rain we have had this year, the week of hot dry weather has done wonders for the yard and garden. We think that this year will be the best for produce that we have had in quite a long time. We have taken off rhubarb and radishes three times already and more thinning is still to come.
The end of the American space shuttle program is upon us and no replacement is in sight. That, to me is a tragedy. The American space program was built upon the ashes of the defeated Nazi rocket program of World War 2 and provided a great sense of discovery and pride ( as well as a slew of inventions, Teflon springs to mind ) not only for the Americans but for many other peoples. Canadians in particular.
We created the invaluable Canadarm, a robotic type of arm that has enabled the shuttles to move massive cargo loads from the shuttle to space orbit or to the International Space Station.
Greece has staggered yet again away from the brink of economic ruin with a stop gap loan from the EU bankers. All it will take is a minor blip in the forecasted ( and decidedly optimistic economic projections) return to monetary health (even as minor as 1%) and the run on the banks may well start. After that the dominoes align for Spain, Portugal and Italy. If that happens then possibly the EU (European Union ) may decide to abandon the common currency, Euro, and revert to individual national ones.
So, what are your thoughts on the so called carbon taxes that environmentalists seem to love?
Is it only me that seems to think that if we fully implement these and other restrictive regulations that our standard of living will drop? In our society there is a standard energy base load that is required in the night to operate the electrical grid. Things like heating, power for hospitals, traffic and lighting systems and the like. Solar and wind do not work at night and there is no replacement for the present forms of power other than the now discredited nuclear. Coal and hydro (where available, and even that comes at a cost to the eco- system) remain the best option. It seems to me that the best solution would be to invest in technology to further "clean" up the emissions from these rather than degrade our standard of living.
Well this has been a rather shortened week writing wise due to the aforementioned company, so I will end for now in order to assist with the usual damage control of a total washing of all linen, dishware and the like- no matter how clean they really are!
take care out there,
flatlander 52

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