Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday musings

Shall we talk about the folly of people in this Internet age?
I am referring to the American politician aptly named Wiener who posted  by "accident" some photos of himself and his "wiener" on the 'net.Of course his first response was to lie about it. Then he finally stepped forward and accepted responsibility. Many in the media and other politicos are clamoring for his head and demanding that he resign his seat in the US government.
Well, boo hoo to them.
Yes what he did was stupid. Really what was he thinking of by this posting? He seems to be like a lot of younger people that post items on the 'net who have no thought to the consequences or who will see or read them. Did he damage the security of the country or any part of the world?
Should not the story be about what he has done politically - either good or bad?
Did Bill Clinton resign for his misconduct?
Now Mr. Wiener has done the smart thing and has gone for rehab - more for his image I think than for his lack of judgement.
With all that is happening in the world - why make such a big deal of this mans' folly?
So the e coli outbreak in Europe seems to have been from bean sprouts in Germany. If you ever wanted to see an example of the impact of global economic integration, you have to look no further than that. First it was though to be cucumbers from Spain and that rippled throughout all of Europe and devastated farmers from that country. Before such integration that effects would have confined to a region or district.
I wonder what the final tally in money and people will be when this is all over with.
The latest flap in Canadian politics is the departure of 4 senior members of the separatist provincial Party Quebecois to sit as independents. It seems that they do not like the way the leader of the party is running things.This might be some continuing fallout of the federal election where the federal Bloc cousins were decimated. I think it is more of a case where these 4 were not convinced that the party wanted to force separation from Canada and was more concerned with forming government instead. Is it not interesting how any party that has ever once been in power will do almost anything too remain/regain so even if it means changing its' raison d'etre.
Well football season in Canada is now upon us and that means that on Friday nights and Saturdays there will be many women whose husband disappears for 2-3 hours to watch on the TV and schedules around the house will suffer and have to be remade to accommodate the viewing of the games. This continues until the championship game - Grey Cup in November. The American version of football is in a state of flux as their players are on strike and at this time no resolution appears to be near. According to media reports it appears that the owners want 2 more games and more of the revenue stream and less for the players. This strike has been on for a while and will only get nastier before it is settled.
One of the results of the very wet Spring this year is the incredibly huge amount of mosquitoes that now patrol the streets here. I swear that they are the size of small robins and I think I saw 4 of them grab a dog by the ears and tail and fly away for a gourmet meal!
Last night we went to a local theater production of "on golden pond". I am going to assume you have seen the movie or know the premise of it. A more depressing show I have never seen. While there was humour in it, it struck me more as of the "black" variety. I never have seen anything funny about aging and loss of memory. No one ever tells you about this when you are a youngster and what then awaits you in life.
The second is to look in the mirror and see that the hands of time are leaving their mark on you as well.
Even doing yard work that took a couple of hours before now take most of the day.
However there are pluses to this. One appreciates things, no matter how large or small, a little better now. You now can see the other persons viewpoint and can maybe not agree but can understand it. Perhaps this is the start of some sort of wisdom that only time can bring. Things like a gentle rainfall, or even scratching the old cats' head bring pleasure.
Then again, you still have the time and zip to plan a trip, as in our case, that will take you half the way around the world next year. I am really looking forward to that and am planning to finally get a tablet  to take along and maintain this blog as well as post some photos or two.
We are going to take some road trips this summer around our Province and as a result my blog may be posted later in the day, but I hope to include pictures of this marvelous place that I call home for you.
So with yard work awaiting me, I say good bye for this week,
take care out there,

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