Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday musings

Sorry for being late today.
I was expecting to be one of the lucky few to enjoy the Rapture before the end of the world.
There is a sect in the United States that believed that yesterday was the beginning of the end of the world according to the Bible. These same people made the same claim a few years ago with the same results - or lack of. It seems that their reading of the signs was a tad off. But not to fear, send them some more of your hard earned money and sure as heck they probably will come out with another prediction. What about the people that believed this nonsense and sold all their assets - who is going to help them out?
Another week has come and gone and some things are still the same.
The horror story in Japan has slipped from the front pages but the radiation is still there.
Name your hot spot in the Middle East - Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, the struggles continue.
It seems that in the United States there is a law that requires Congress to approve military actions after 60 days and that deadline is now upon them for Libya.
Will the President go ahead ignoring the law or will he submit to the rule of the law?
I read an article in a newspaper that said that when a Congressman was asked about a falsehood he had said in Congress, one of his spin people said that the comment was meant to be a untruth - this is Congress?
I mean, is it now OK to lie as long as someone later says it was not meant to be true?
So the head of the IMF has been arrested in New York on accusations of rape.
In Europe the reaction in France is a Gallic shrug of the shoulders and outrage over pictures of the arrested person - because they are an affront to his dignity?
Perhaps the media in North America has gone too far at times in stories like this but the difference in attitudes between this and their European cousins is immense.
Boys will be boys?
What a load of manure.
Do you think that the rush to make a Saint of the last Pope is a bit hasty?
The criteria for miracles is sure a lot less harder than it used to be. After all, he just did his job didn't he?
Did you ever ever notice that no Pope has come from Africa or Asia ?
Just a good old white European man.
Ever check out the demographics of Catholics and where they live?
On the sunny side,  the garden is now up. Amazing how little seeds that have sat in a package for a couple of years can be planted, watered and then sprout in a week. The only down side of this is that all produce ripens at the same time and you either can, pickle or eat the lot in a week.
But it sure tastes good though.
Do you have an e-reader?
Hottest thing since sliced bread according to all the techno folks. Yes I have one and do enjoy it. However what does stick in my craw is the constant babble of the techies on how books are so passe and doomed. just like CD's (don't get me going on that!).
Well that might be true in their little part of the universe but I hate to break bad news to them but there are loads of people that do not and never will own an e reader. There are loads of people that also like bound books for the pleasure of the reading experience. I know that on a cold winter day nothing is better than a cozy fire, hot drink and a book to read and probably fall asleep with in the afernoon sunbeams.
This reminds of the old saying that if you tell something often enough, no matter how true, false or outrageous it is, eventually it will be accepted as the truth.
Here in Canada it is a vacation weekend with the day of holiday being named after Queen Victoria. Even the Separatists in Quebec take the day off - interesting eh?
One of the wonders of the Internet is how you can connect to people and places so far away. As I do this blog I am listening to a radio station live from my favorite place on Earth - Maui. If there was one place that I would wish to live in, that is it. But being a prairie boy, the closest I get is the odd vacation to the enchanted Isle.
However, summer here is equal to the Isle except the ocean is quite far away. Nothing is more breathtaking than a golden prairie sunset or the absolute quite of a northern fishing camp looking at the Northern Lights.
So on this note, I wish you well,
take care out there,

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